Oak Island Money Pit NDP [New Digging Party] Regulations

Nova Scotia Government embarrassed from the latest oak island shanty money pit attempt that aired globally on the history channel for a reality show series.

[Oak Island News  Youtube]
Well an archaeologist is to be recommended to be on site at any further oak island money pit digs. Well this is a relief! cause the last series that the history channel documented in concerns to the legendary oak island money pit was nothing more than a shenanigan probably to help promote the history channel? I myself pointed some errors in the last history channel’s the curse of oak island t.v series in real time there amateur diggers they were unprofessional and done mistakes inhe t excavations in any laymen’s terms a kid could of figured out that everything was done off the hop.. from everything from pumping water from the money pit in a fracking principle of mine, to searching the oak island swamp, this was defintely rookie season for treasure hunters them times.
I did refused to be apart of this oak island documentary slash reality show farce in a email to the history channel, well because I wanted to be of no part of amateurs getting possibly killed while doing some ass backwards treasure hunting.And yeah millions of dollars was spent on digging the money pit on oak island in n.s, my foot.. I doubt that’ not very much money was sunk into the money pit to in what I saw on the curse of oak island reality show biz series.

Oh gee the NDP political party also wants the pot of gold at the bottom of the money pit you can bet that sure enough the conservative party will be down there fighting over me lucky charms. Nova Scotia government is more concerned on protecting their image rather than thinking about preserving this oak island money pit treasure hunts most bizarre reputation.
First Nations Leading Oak Island Treasure Hunter
Keith Ranville