Donald Trump U.S President Scenario

As GOP Donald Trump moves closer to getting into the white house here’s a u.s president scenario of a less a madman more a neurotic narcissist outcome or a threat to the world warning. #OakIsland News

American voters do vote wise and also be honest with yourself when you cast your votes an think to yourselves? are things better now than before your last president leader was elected into office?


Keith Ranville

Oak Island Flash of Genius Lightning Theory

Is the purpose of the oak island money pit solved a First Nations man claims it was a beacon apparatus to talk to god  through the ark of the covenant via a lightning power source. 

teslatreasure theory

The theory goes; that a energy box or a ancient relic would be hoisted up a oak tree by a wooden block pulley over the money pit before a incoming electrical storm arrives then the lightning would strike the conducting oak tree and the power would go through the oak tree to power up a ancient relic power box then it’ll be sending a powerful charge

hurdling down the man made money pit and charging up the 100 ft + battery – the oak island tunnels is just that negative purpose –  then the treasure island grounds would become the beacon area to contact god. Its my knowledge is that a ark of the covenant like box is sealed in the peaceful birch island triangle neared to oak island. The match and striker would be best not placed in the same place.


“Beware the oak; it draws the stroke.”

Oak trees tend to be taller than the surrounding trees, thus attracting the lightning. They also have a high moisture content, which increases their ability to conduct the surge of electricity.

BTW coral castle had oak trees too could they be the lightning rod to solving the Mr. Ed leedskalnin mysterious abode code?

I behold the same integrity as Nikola Tesla this is why I don’t receive the proper credit that I deserve for my intelligent efforts.

Oak Island First Nation Researcher – 2016

Keith Ranville





Earth Holds #OakIsland Secrets

Whether its searching for lost treasure or understanding mysterious land formations the worlds state of being is man’s fortune – #OakIsland News

#Vancouver’s #StanleyPark #Seahorse, or godly strange images bizarrely carved in stone, I have always known that our land is alive you can say its our mothers earth and she is messaging me in the most spiritual ways.

First Nations Researcher

Keith Ranville

#OakIsland Treasure Lies in Skull Stones Image

#OakIsland skullstone dead men have no treasures, or do they? you must literally come back from the dead to find treasure on oak island or #skullIsland as I renamed it because its lost treasures secrets lies in a skull image that I myself interpreted from a believed to be nothing more at the time as a daggered up stone Until I came along an began to code break this mysterious stone. Oak Island News

oak island energy

But in that stone it told me stories in images of a lost past of a pirate like monk and a shape shifting dog, and inside the skull of the stones pirate face/hood is of;

man woman in skullstone

A woman wearing crown jewels, and a clever pirate man like me but with no hand but using a hook to scratch his head saying to me that it takes a very clever man like myself to find its precious hidden treasure.  And I am that wise man and that walks with a foot in [t]his treasure worlds like its my home.


[Lore]seven men must die before the oak island treasure is found so far six have died searching for money pits treasure.


The real “the curse of oak island” is having men in the same boat paddling in different directions and trying to get to treasure like some sort of gong show.


Read my first nations blog or research here and you may discover treasure for yourself.

First Nations/ Researcher

Keith Ranville




First Nations translator deciphers ancient stone as a treasure map

– 18 October 2006


WESTERN SHORE – You may have heard about the Da Vinci code, but the Ranville code could be what solves the longest-running treasure hunt in recorded history.

Keith Ranville, a First Nations man, has travelled from Winnipeg to Nova Scotia in hopes of unlocking the secret codes on Oak Island. He says he has done so by re-translating one of the stones found on the island over 200 years ago.

The Oak Island Tourism Society confirms that the stone in question was first found in 1803 by the Onslow Company. Found 90 feet down the Money Pit, the stone was believed to be two feet long and 15 inches wide, weighing approximately 175 lb.

Since that time, it has been said that the inscription on the stone read “forty feet below two million pounds are buried,” as transcribed by James Leitchi, a professor of languages at Dalhousie University. Some researchers have questioned this translation as Mr. Leitchi was involved in a treasure hunting company trying to sell stocks.

Today, the actual stone is lost. It was used as a hearthstone in two homes on Oak Island, but it was moved to a Halifax storefront where it went missing when the building was torn down. Its last known location was around the Centennial Pool area.

Mr. Ranville used pictures of the stone to decipher its series of shapes, lines and dots to reveal a new translation that reads more like a map.

“I’ve brought some new stuff to the table,” he says, adding that the stone’s etchings could be used to figure out the mystery of Oak Island.

By his translation, much of the digging in the Money Pit area has been a waste of time and money.

“I believe the pit wasn’t meant to go beyond 100 feet,” he says. “I believe it wasn’t meant to go beyond these symbols.”

If one were to take Mr. Ranville’s code and follow it, it would lead you off Oak Island, the site of all the treasure hunting for the past 211 years, under the water of the bay and onto the neighbouring Birch Island via man-made shafts.

“The instructions at the bottom of the pit tell you about where and how to locate these shafts and I believe they’re in Mahone Bay,” he says.

Mr. Ranville believes the two islands are connected by these shafts. He said that aerial shots of Birch Island prove the island has been touched by human hands. These aerial shots of the 16-acre Birch Island do show a large triangle which takes up a good portion of the island landscape.

“What I want to do is investigate this island where I think these symbols lead to,” he says.

Mr. Ranville has contacted the owner, Christopher Ondaatje, to inquire about doing some soil testing and exploring on the island.

In addition to being the home of the famous treasure, Mr. Ranville believes Birch Island may also be an ancient burial site for those who were involved in the original treasure-hiding scheme.

“This is a significant Nova Scotia heritage discovery and that is Canada’s national treasure brought here for our guardianship long before Canada was established,” he says. “We should respect the civilization that is responsible for the makings of these structures.

“They were a very unique culture and may hold the secret to many ancient structures.”

Although he doesn’t know who actually buried the treasure, Mr. Ranville believes Oak Island and Birch Island need to be protected from further change to unlock their true history.

At the time of this interview, Mr. Ranville had yet to hear from Mr. Ondaatje regarding the island. He says he will continue to research the island and its tales of mystery and treasure. Check out Google Earth on the World Wide Web to see satellite photos of Birch Island and its triangle.