I just picked up a Q Ray bracelet today if it works it works for my aches & pains some swear by it & some don’t?

I remember when I was younger and me and a friend and him with a bird in cage were walking down the street and the cops pulled us over and the cop said to my friend who’s bird is that my friend replied its mine then the cop said so why is there a camera in the bottom of the bird cage my friend responded it keeps the bird quiet? the cop chuckled and said well you guys have pleasant evening.

[Jim Carrey Man on the Moon, chicken to dying?]

Well I noticed something from this q- ray bracelet sort of mood wise since I put it on today? it could be just in my head, but if it continues I’ll be happy cause if I’m happy that’s o.k with me. Like the bird in the cage story I told above if something works don’t knock it just let it be. – I will keep a blogging up date on the situation with my new q-ray bracelet from a couple months down the road apparently it only lasts for 3 years then you need a new one?

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Keith Ranville