I went to the Rio theater tonight upon entering the movie after I paid admission they asked to dig through my backpack, but I refused let them I got 86’d out of there

“this is the end” was the movie that I was going to see but it never happened, literally.

I read somewhere; if a movie theater searches your personal belongings against your will it can result in a lawsuit, and I was right.

Appeals court upholds ruling citing Guzzo for overzealous search

“The Quebec Court of Appeals upheld a prior decision Wednesday in favour of a Montreal mother and her two daughters who had their purses searched before attending a movie at the Cinema Guzzo theatre at Marche Centrale.”

I have never had my personal effects searched ‘ever’ while going in to a movie I felt violated and embarrassed when this was asked of me to do to have my personal belongings searched and by a stranger to boot.

I wont go the rio theater anymore, whats next they are going to ask to go through you wallet’ well my wallet was in my pack-sack so yes they tried to do that to then.

There goes my night..

– Keith Ranville