NASA 6 ton satellite deep impacts earth gamble northern canada or siberia 1 in 32,000 chance it’ll hit a populated area? ‘Sky is falling’ as space junk is expected to fall to earth anytime before friday, it’ll be a big payday for someone in Vegas casinos if you can lay down a lucky bet to where this satellite is going touch down.   

Gee, why doesn’t nasa figure out how to salvage this kind of obsolete space junk long before it was sent off to outer-space [sent in 2005] that cost’d nasa billions of dollars to do’ what a waste’ ? or why couldn’t of nasa just have sold this out dated space satellite to to china or russia while it was in continuous orbit? the u.s is in debt to china anyways so why couldn’t of they played lets make a deal with them on this satellite space junk?

I think over educated people have no sense of logic when it comes to thinking ahead? [Youtube news video footage above.] WARNING Authorities suggest that you don’t touch this satellite debris if found and you should contact the police….. or men in black [humor] 😉 ?

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Keith Ranville