Steve Jobs Death certificate report respiratory arrest relating to pancreatic cancer; Antineoplaston Therapy, dr. burzynski treatment mentioned no?

Could of apple CEO steve jobs haven’t known of the dr. burzinski cancer cure after-all its corporations stifling the antineoplaston regime, if dr. burzinsky would have cured steve jobs then we may could have seen a whole new out come of the availability of the fda/pharma suppressed drug antineoplaston.

One man’s cure is another groups ignorance,

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Antineoplastons, cancer drugs in FDA trials since 1995, results publicly audited by Congress, to gain final FDA-approval

Antineoplastons are gene-targeted cancer medications that have completed Phase 2 FDA clinical trials in 2009, with permission granted to enter the final Phase of FDA testing. These medicines are the first in medical history to cure inoperable childhood brainstem glioma with a 27.5%-50% cure rate, among other cures. Other gene-targeted cancer medications have been given accelerated FDA-approval without demonstrating a single cure. Antineoplastons, proven to be non-toxic, remain unapproved for public use. For the sake of public health, the results from Phase 2 clinical trials of Antineoplastons need to be publicly acknowledged by the FDA and audited by Congress. These medicines have been in FDA clinical testing since 1995—it’s time for the general public to have access to them. And sign petition to help save lives 


Keith Ranville