For eons north american natives have been recording glyphs onto stone this is perhaps why that I have a natural aptitude to read message codes out of stone as a treasure hunter its in my blood. – Cree Code breaker, Keith Ranville of First nations

Stories on Stone presented by the Royal Alberta Museum – Youtube

“This video presentation was commissioned by the Royal Alberta Provincial Museum to be used as an educational tool for the Alberta Board of Education. We spent 3 months writing, planning and researching the valuable natural resource in Alberta known as Stories on Stone Park. The movie attempts to teach children how First Nations peoples in Canada and around the world have communicated for thousands of years through petroglyphs and pictographs. The movie is an exploration of Alberta, the Art of Storytelling and First Nations Culture. features music by the Siksika Ramblers, The Blackfoot Conspiracy and Ira Provost. Written, Produced and Directed by Dixon Christie.” [For education purposes]