Wednesday 31, 2013 fireworks had a stunt daredevil flying erratically over vancouver I was not comfortable with that what if he crashed? how amusing would that be for the public.

I taken iphone photos of this redbull stunt plane tonight from my balcony an posted them on my oak island news twitter account

I was thinking what if that stunt plane messed up an flew into my building or another building? it would of been freaky to happen? I wish they could of gave proper notice to people before they play with peoples lives like mine for one! Maybe in time some people will understand why I’m over reacting to airplanes playing jackass above my home for kicks.

What was Vancouver’s citys officials thinking? to allow this kind of b.s to happen to play with peoples lives there are air fields for stunt planes to perform and even that sometimes ends in deadly tragedy.

Keith Ranville of Vancouver