Mid summer 2005 while prepping myself for the journey across Canada to solve this Oak Island treasure mystery, there were many times I had to build a self confidence to carry out this seemed like so impossible of a task. There was this one hot day I do remember well on that summer 2005 day and I was feeling hesitant about this whole Oak Island journey altogether’ the day was saying forget this whole Oak Island deal’ it’s to difficult and it will burn me out, my mind was thinking every excuse in the book to throw in the towel.

Well as I was heading home with my mind made up about this whole Oak Island expedition. I just wanted to rest when I got home I was feeling overwhelm with this whole Oak Island journey thinking. While home, well it was late in the afternoon I decided to go sit out on the steps and unwind and take in the sunset. The view of the skyline looking toward downtown Vancouver seemed calming especially with mountains off to the side.

Moments later the sky flickered “then” the sunset opened like a large window and this large airplane appeared it was in an inverted dive, the silhouette of the plane looked like it was going down. Then the frame by frame like vision was gone, it was roughly three seconds long? But seemed longer? I was engulfed with adrenalin this vision was like it was really being played out. This incident changed my whole day but I had doubt’s it was actually real, but I had great a sense that this vision meant something to me?

Well’ I went into the house and put this ordeal in the back of my head and began dinner, moments later as I was in the kitchen deciding what to cook. I over heard through the window the next-door neighbors kid was trying to explain to his parents that an airplane crashed into downtown. This gave me shivers up my spine and confirmed my vision as a real event that took place. To this day I am always left wondering about this so surreal vision why was it made was it made for me to tell this story in the future perhaps this story of mine my will change the course of a future history purposely. If it never happened yet’ perhaps now it never will.

Why should I tell such a story, why not’ the vision happened on the beginning of my Oak Island journey and this vision actually gave me a spiritual insight to continue on this Nova Scotia, Oak Island journey, if this vision never happened I wouldn’t be this well known in this Oak Island mystery . There is still a lot I can’t understand about this Oak Island, my visions and dreams are attributed to me getting famous in this Oak Island mystery. I am fascinated with walking into the unknown I am fearless when is comes to paranormal situations, well ghost freak me out’ but other than that walking into a mystery with my eyes wide open is adventurous to me. I believe many cultures had strong beliefs in visions and premonitions. I believe the Mayan (Meso) got visions from the sun probably something like I experienced.


First Nations

Keith Ranville