Washington D.C 5.8 earthquake pop can effect like a empty soda can popping out its a one time deal no aftershocks no fault. Intense



Earthquake management?

New Earthquake Theory Reality

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Nostradamus lost Book related to nasa’s new galaxies image released recently of a galaxy piercing another galaxy like a sword.

According to me watching the news today the reporter said this galaxy event happened already light years ago of as predicted by michel nostadamus maybe?

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NASA Released Image Of Collisions Between Galaxies

Galaxy Collisions – NASA released the image of collisions between galaxies Thursday (8/11/2011) ago. In that image, the United States Space Agency showed initial conditions Galaxy Collisions that later formed the galaxies VV 340 or Arp 302.

Appear in the image pair of galaxies, the upper part of the galaxy VV 340 North while at the bottom is the galaxy VV 340 South. Millions of years later, the two galaxies collide and eventually come together, exactly as predicted in the Milky Way and Andromeda.

Captured Image Is Combined Data From Various Observations

The image captured is part of the Great Observatories All-Sky Survey Luminous Infrared Galaxy, which combines the Chandra X-Ray data, the Hubble Space Telescope, an infrared space telescope Spitzer and Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) observatory.

VV 340 galaxies located 450 million light-years from Earth. Due to shine brightly in infrared observations, the galaxy is called Luminous Infrared Galaxy.

Further image analysis with the Chandra X-ray showed, VV 340 North has a supermassive black hole. This is reinforced by the emission of infrared Spitzer observations  is also dominated by of VV 340 North.

Meanwhile, Hubble and GALEX showed that theUV emission and short wave coming from South 340 VV. This shows, Vv 340 South had levels higher star formation. From the analysis, astronomers concluded that the pair VV 340 evolves with different rates.

Galaxy Collisions Is Gravity Interaction Between The Galaxies

Galaxy Collisions are common in the evolution of galaxies. Collision that occurred not in the true sense, but rather on the gravitational interaction between galaxies. In the collision of galaxies, the smaller galaxy will “lose” and become part of a larger galaxy.

The survey, then generate the images is part of the efforts of astronomers to understand, why the Luminous Infrared Galaxy emits much infrared radiation. – Galaxy Collisions,  Read at

“Lost Book of Nostradamus,”

Paranormal About


This is some real compelling ufo video footage that may make you a believer in extraterrestrials – Keith Ranville News from the Paranormal World.

[Video Details Above]

There is something mysterious to this planet earth that is really starting to meet the eye.



Reports of a anomalous ufo fire ball blazing over flagler beach and Saigon Vietnam, alien?



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Say Hello to the Bad Guys Media news Tabloid junkies

Well lets go through the list of the most hated people in the u.s that was released today by e poll market research?

1 Casey Anthony – The exploiting HLN news made millions of dollars off ratings off her and her familys unfortunates personal tragedy?

2 Reality TV star Spencer Pratt from MTV’s “The Hills I don’t know about him or really care about spencer’s situation?

3 Nadya “Octomom” Suleman- at least reality tv is supporting her big family instead of the tax payers?

4 O.J. Simpson – he’s in the joint

5-6 Jon Gosselin and his ex-wife Kate GosselinI don’t mine Kated? I could care less of jon?

7  Levi Johnston, father of Sarah Palin’s grandson  – I think people should focus on the whole palin family on that one?

8 Paris Hilton- I don’t mine here cause I don’t follow her situation maybe?

9 Heidi Fleiss – she’s been out of the spot lime light for years?

10 Howard Stern – WTF I like him so does millions of his radio tv listeners?

In a other article Jesse James is in somewhere in the most hated people in america for sleazing around on Sandra Bullock? I don’t blame him for her dumb mate picking decisions?

Reference to poll story

Say Hello to the Bad guy lol

I think tabloid news in america is like a mafia run industry and its controlled by big corporations cnn hln is the most untrusted news in my opinion.


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Birch Island


NEWS-Hitler spear of destiny OCCULT SS HQ WEWELSBURG layout not a spear but a treasure map.


Something is in motion and the hq in  Himmler’s plans included making it the “center of the new world” in the new world as well?

Native researcher

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Source: http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/12946/

(“Zentrum der neuen Welt”) following the “final victory”. The monumental estate was never realized only detailed plans and models exist. The installation of a 15 to 18-meter-high wall in the shape of a three-quarter circle with 18 towers including the actual castle area centred on the North Tower of the castle, 860 m in diameter, was planned. The real purpose of the project was never clearly defined. Inside of this castle area buildings were planned for the exclusive purposes of the Reichsführung-SS (Reich leadership SS). The main road of an SS village was also to be centered on the North Tower of the castle with a diameter of 1270 m. This road was to be connected with three radial roads and gates with the castle area. The residential area was to be placed in the north-west, the center of the village in the north and the SS-barracks in the west of the castle area; between the barracks and village a villa colony for higher SS-leaders; in the southwest farmsteads. In the architectural plans from 1941 the estate had the shape of a spear pointing towards the north; the 2 km long access avenue with four tree rows road looks like a spear shaft with an access to the Reichsautobahn (freeway) Rhynern-Kassel in the south.  read more at





Mobilicity banking scheme nickle and dimes 3 dollars from consumers in elaborate financial scam adds to 1 month fee to yearly costs. Moblilicity telecommunication company charges a monthly annual three dollars+ only if you do not bank at the following banking institutions TD, Scotia, R.B.C Bank of Montreal. Imperial bank of commercial and other banks is subjected to being duped dinged about three buck, but through in which cost about the average bank maybe a dollar fifty to pay?

What ever happened to the customer is always right especially when they are getting taken advantage of by a sneaky company? In a phone conversation with moblilicity they see this as a inconvenience matter?

To what is mobilicity is actually getting away with is at least one months fee charge of using there services charged to you out of a year?; 3 times 12 is 36 that comes around one months user fee service of using there’s phone and Internet use? If you have been abused by this moblilicity banking scheme contact the Better Business Bureau

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The latest British royal wedding of prince william and kate middleton involved entertaining at least 8 dictators as guests, should all proceed revenues of the British royal wedding be given to charity on the account of entertaining of dictators.

Beyonce Knowles Mariah Carrie, nelly furtado & Usher, 50 cent, timberland performed for a dictator like Muammar Qaddafi and some of the mentioned performers later they were embarrassingly subjected to give there performance earnings to charity? British arrogance gives them permission to do anything hypocritical. A Royal Beef

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Is Osama Bin Laden Really Dead unconfirmed reports are floating around the internet of-his-death photo, barack obama’s recent conspiracies of him toying around with the press of his not to mention his latest him and [donald trump] joking around on his birth certificate just sparks further speculations on this well scripted breaking news of the death of osama bin laden? There are conspiracies going around the internet web that osama bin laden was already dead years ago or he is not even dead? then also there is osama bin laden buried at sea to further peoples doubts on this elaborate possible American government lie to gain popularity in u.s politics and to upswing the u.s economical finances? President Barack Obama has become pretty sly when it comes to entertaining the media to get the greatest attention cause he also now knows america loves conspiracies of many theories so he left a door open for conspiracy theorists to ponder by having osama bin laden buried at sea if in fact was even captured dead at all?

Osama Bin Laden sleeps with the fishy story?

Photo of latest unconfirmed death of osama bin laden?

skeptical inquiry

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Prince William and Kate Middleton royal wedding guest list involved 8 dictators from North Africa / middle east. [2011 Exclusive News Source]

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