EH’ so us Canadians gets the oak island curse weeks later like the flu ;p history channels figures that we’re naive to our own treasure hunt by it airing in the u.s 1st?

Sunday January 26, 2014 6/9 pm evening [ass backwards] the oak island curse airs on t.v for canada its nothing new, or a world premier at all cause that ship has sailed weeks ago its a program that gets aired here in oh canada and we are the last to view it? and the main treasure hunter characters in this oak island sequel film aren’t even canadians either? Well we all know that there was no treasure found from the money pit already! so don’t bother to hold your breath on this flick[s]..  if you have more important things to do please do go do them as I will be do something eles like during the super bowl next sunday I’m a die-hard vancouver seattle seahawks fan.

I wont mention my name in the post..

A Canadian Heritage Project gone south lol