If I was captain of the Titanic there would be a very high survival rate, cause I would of stuck close to that iceberg that the titanic struck then I would quickly send boats with crew mates to the iceberg and build a elaborate makeshift base on it or attached to it.

and then start a full evacuation off the ship to the iceberg [I would of had hours to put this plan into motion]  – Keith Ranville 😉


Titanic collided with the iceberg at about 11.40 on 14th April. She sank below the water at 2.20am the next morning. A ship which had taken three years to fully construct was sunk in less than three hours.

Within half an hour of the collision, Thomas Andrews, the chief naval architect, was dispatched to assess the extent of the damage and to work out how long the ship would take to sink. His calculation was, “an hour and a half, possibly two, not much longer.” At this stage, Captain Smith gave the order to uncover the lifeboats.