Like ancient maya’s collapse of its own civilization, on this continent history perhaps will repeat itself again but in the u.s with agricultural droughts as the culprit? Although its still a mystery in how or and why the ancient maya civilization declined, but could america face the same demise as the ancient maya its possible, well look at america now at its shaky economy and now there is a devastating agriculture drought happening now, these do seem like some real challenging times for america right now,

but it would be wise to look at other past civilizations history and there past woes that were here in the new world before our new civilization[s] in to try to understand on what is going on now, I know the maya ancient culture was to do barbarically ritually sacrifices to people to a please there gods when the chips were down in which that I saw to be as a idiotic solution to do during any miss fortune[s].

Maybe violence or maybe a war will be americas answer to there decline in population?

Everybody stumbles or falls in there lifetime[s] its how you rise above it all victoriously is what really shines


– Keith Ranville