Canadian Federal Government closure of Vancouver’s Kitsilano English Bay coast guard base is due to UFO encounters at its door step. NEWS CONSPIRACY CANADA    

If the kitsilino vancouver coast guard base was to be closed because of poisonous PCB contaminates settlements in there cities waters to them then shouldn’t they close all beaches an waterfront alike to after-all they stand for saving people in dangers like from harmful dangerous chemical poisons?  DFO News

There is plenty of beach front areas in vancouver’s city’s water to relocate the kits canadian coast guard base and the reason why they don’t is because the canadain federal government knows that there is something ufo fishy going on in vancouvers english bay and they don’t want to rock its boat. English bay coast guards base is no doubt the first responders to for seafarers in distress to ufo going ons to? I would imagine?  The is a conspiracy that needs some answers

One Vancouver B.C, Canada evening I, and a friend witnessed a ufo above English Bay it dropped flare like slag from it – Keith Ranville