Neutralize the gases below oak island like the makers of the money pit did by them using charcoal coconut, fiber, clay in the 1st triangle swamp neared to the money pit it was man made to keep the contents in the money pit safe from looters.

[Now where can the other oak island swamp triangle can be hiding could it be on birch island whereas is another well defined swamp triangle lies.] there draining the triangle swamp on oak island now who is crazy now eh’

I propose that we re-engineer the oak island money pit treasures out of it, by using similar methods that money pit makers used to build the money pit, by for one by not draining the neared triangle swamp just yet, but to naturally neutralize it with  bituminous coal, coconut and lignite.This concoction is used for organics removal, so what we do is put this natural solution into the oak island triangle swamp and below it and then when the triangle swamp neutralizes later on we then we can begin the process of unearthing treasures safely with no gas no real danger; but don’t quote me on that one cause I wont be there to give pointers I am only a logical reputably treasure hunting consultant. I am posting this because nobody need to die in this money pit search or cause of kids are involved.. now. as I a seen in these latest oak island sequel documentarys on the history channel.

FYI, the money pit was reported to be filled with charcoal and clay putty coconut fiber, think like the original builders of the oak island money pit and you shall discover there lost secrets.

I may have not been able to understand what the makers of the money pit was foreignly speaking at times in relation to the builders of the money pit.. in my dreams, but’ I did understand what they were getting at..  because I am very observant in what I do.

Nothing goes wrong on my shift.

Worlds Greatest Treasure Hunter, Cree Code Breaker

Keith Ranville