Universal Glucose Meter Could Remedy Type 2 Diabetes

Many people world wide are stricken with type 2 diabetes and many doctors patients do go on to having complications from this glucose illness I propose a that better communication between medical practitioner and patient may help cure or control diabetes better; by adjusting glucose readings better on a chart record from glucose meter to a computer universal program or ipad, smartphone app, devices.

glucose meter

This glucose reading chart idea is not new but what I do not understand is why isn’t it used for all doctors to use? cause a doctor could plug in there patients glucose meter and calculate there daily readings on a screen chart and then get the results of there patients glucose spikes and then they both can sit down and discuss the current readings of the patients weekly or month[ly] numbers of the glucose meter’s result and then work together on targeting the times of the eating habit diet during these glucose spikes shown, and also the doctor would be able to adjust diabetes medication better if need be..

Live long and Prosper.

Keith Ranville,