Vancouver B.C, Canada sunk down to number 3 for most livable cities in the world why? its hideous homeless skid row problem? cost of living increase.  News Blog

Youtube Streets of Plenty? –  Documentary –  1/7

During expo 1986 and the 2010 Olympic winter games vancouver city did there best to hide the epidemic of homeless people on the streets they put them up in hotels they pretty much hid the growing skid row problem in the city of vancouver b.c. I myself just moved into native social housing at the beginning of the year and before that I was living in quite the dive where I live now its located right at the edge of skid row in just at the gates of vancouver’s china town an about two block away from rogers arena where the vancouver canucks play, but I can only afford to watch them on t.v go figure.

I wont get into to much about talking about vancouver’s skid row problem its where I pass through there on just about on daily basis it exist but nobody want to talk about it.


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Keith Ranville