Time is almost up with us being on this planet strange going ons has been happening since o1/01/2012 now a super storm headed our way, signs that we are doomed? governments could care less about societies there job is to keep people knowing nothing about what is really going on with this planet now or soon.

Youtube video of a young man that says that there something really bad that is going to go down with this planet and adds facts to what he is saying or worried about. Here what he says in his own words.

“I never claimed it were due to God, I’m just reflecting to the bible, see most people miss the ENTIRE message in the video. Yes the world has change BUT we were never there during those changes, granted we may have experienced great difficulty but the things that are occurring in and around our world today is that of a secret. We are not told what we are not suppose to know, remember, the government are professionals at keeping secrets from the masses. How do we know for a 100000000000% fact that everything we see happening around us is legit?

All around the world reports of millions of animals dying and suddenly dropping dead such as Whales, Dolphins, Turtles, Fish, Birds, Crabs. People all around the world have also been hearing a very strange noise coming from the sky above. Strange occurrences happening in and around out sun with planet sized objects seen around it. THEY don’t tell you what you’re not suppose to you. THEY don’t want you too know, that’s why you are blinded by today’s trends. You’re brainwashed and programmed to accept what is given rather then search for answers and find out what is REALLY going on in the world. WAKE UP!”

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Be safe people.


Keith Ranville