Recently the history channel or prometheus entertainment contacted me in re: marty & rick lagina nobody knows them they grew personalities days ago ? from a internet photo that I seen online? a few years back? that is all that I knew of them and I seen no published oak island money pit research out of them either? other than some past rehashed research of mine that the history channel somehow made it there oak island puppets hunting findings;

like a fracking concept to the money pit deal of mine to strategically pump water out of oak island, and a obscure triangle theory to oak island that is widely known as my birch island triangle theory that are trying to pawn it off as there’s. And the list goes on to what that I already freely made open knowledge to the oak island community or internet for over almost a decade ago for research fyi references usages, but sadly I see that my research findings is being exploited for monetary gains by the history channel I see that it was or is being taken out of context to sell on television for finacial publication without any a credited to me! and they’re eluding the oak island treasure hunting work ethics or my research to as there’s, I could of lived with it, if that if, they would of said the research was aspired from my research.  That last treasure hunter


Keith Ranville