Data internet stick: wind mobile or mobilicity which service is faster? Does anyone have either or had one I wanna know how fast they are you have to buy one to find out?  30 money back warranty is pretty the much standard on everything that you purchase by law, but you maybe out of pocket for data service so I would advise that that you run out the clock on your service before you return the data stick to which ever company that you go with? wind mobile has a new stick available WIND Speed Huawei E1691 Data Stick it goes for $99.00 plus tax so it works out to about a $150.00 with a months worth of unlimited data included.

I have a  mobilicity phone already but I don’t want there data stick if it ain’t any good? I searched the internet on the speed performances of wind mobile or mobilicity but its seem to have info on how well it works back east and not to much or current info in how it handles in vancouver b.c? and I am not down with the technical issue with these data nerd stuff I just want my internet up an running plain and simple.

My place where I live it already comes with shaw cable but I do not trust these giant cable internet provider giants this is why that I am going with these smaller internet an phone providers at least you know what your getting dinged for or your not getting suckered into any bogus contract like how I felt when I inquired about the internet to shaw cable I asked how much was light speed and they continued to try to push some super kind of super speed internet package on me it was 19.99.00 a month for 3 months? but then they bumped it up to around $60.oo a month plus I don’t have that kind of cash to dish out cause research that I do pays me nothing?

Please post me any additional information that I may have missed that maybe help me on this data internet stick quest that I am on!


Keith Ranville