Turbine windmill noise sounds can be controlled I have invented a concept that can ease the ears but it needs the word of mouth to help make it happen.


How  my invention concept would work is to divert the windmill turbine sounds up or down rather than sporadically this will help adjust wind turbines sounds from ‘for one’ being repetitive and to maybe ultimately help to mute the sounds of the turbine windmill to a somewhat healthier range of sounds altogether.

As seen in this youtube video [above] this kid speaks into a fan and his voice gets sharper in the center of the fan; So this leads me to believe that the more disturbing sounds to humans from the windmill turbine blades start inward from the blades in similar to how speakers work?

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NOTE: I been inventing many things personally since I was a kid and hopefully some of my ideas will help better humanity one day 🙂

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