Oak Island’s Living Legend Lives


April Edition—2007 Hard copy Edition
Oak Island Update! – Cree Code Breaker Challenges 140-Year Old Cipher
MAHONE BAY, Nova Scotia
–The enigma of Oak Island has been called one of the greatest archaeological and engineering achievements of mankind. Often referred to as Canada’s best-known unsolved mystery, Oak Island proudly boasts it’s title for hosting the site of the World’s longest treasure hunt in recorded history. Now in its 212th year this 10 million dollar project that has selfishly taken the lives of six young men is no closer to being solved than it was in 1795 when three teen boys discovered a shaft here and began digging for what they believed to be pirate treasure! The boys excavated down to the 30-foot mark, exhausted and unable to continue they realized the dig would be a much larger effort then they first imagined. What the boys found as they dug convinced all three that they had indeed discovered a man-made vertical shaft of sound engineering. Their only conclusion was that it had been built to hide an enormous treasure. Knowing that a proper excavation required equipment, animals and manpower the boys set out to find investment capital. It took years but they did find an investor with whom they became the founders of the Onslow Company, the first of many treasure recovery companies that would come and go on Oak Island. To date the cost of this intoxicating treasure hunt has far exceeded ten million dollars and consigned six sturdy treasure hunters to an early grave.
Now for the first time since the 1860’s one man has come forward to challenge the translation of a cryptic message found etched into a stone that was discovered at the 90-foot mark in the original shaft in 1803 by the Onslow Company. The stone vanished about 1900 and no known image or text was preserved showing the cryptic message. However a Mahone Bay schoolteacher in 1909 claimed to have copied the two line, forty-character coded text directly from the stone hoping that he could break the code himself. He provided the only image of the codex known to exist stating the code was a simple letter-for-cipher that was accurately translated by Professor James Leitchi, a professor of languages at Dalhouse University in 1860’s. Leitchi’s translation reads… “Forty feet below two million pounds are buried.” Although Leitchi’s translation has never been directly challenged it has always been suspicious since a business relationship is known to have existed between Leitchi and the Oak Island Association, the 1860’s recovery company.
Recently Keith Ranville, a Cree First Nations researcher announced his challenge of Leitchi’s translation stating… “Birch Island holds the secret to the meaning of the construction on Oak Island. According to the Lunenburg Progress Enterprise, Ranville claims that Leitchi’s method to break the code was flawed, citing that his translation using the First Nations tradition sees the codex as individual abstract symbols that were never intended to be translated into a single message. Using Ranville’s method to decipher the code, which reads more like a map, Oak Island is directly linked to its sister island, nearby Birch Island by underwater man-made shafts. He cites the repeated use of the triangle from the original inscription and points to the large triangle that he discovered on Birch Island, which is only visible from the air. The triangle on the 16-acre Birch Island takes up much of the Island, which Ranville believes is also the ancient burial grounds for those who were involved with the complex construction found on Oak Island.
Ranville’s work offers a completely different approach to solving the Oak Island mystery. Traveling across Canada Ranville has presented his findings to a number of scholars and groups many of whom have supported his work in principal. He has been interviewed on radio programs and his currently looking for funding to help pursue his research further. Those supporting Ranville’s research include mining engineer, Steve Zou, P.Eng.,PH.D, the Bear River First Nation of Nova Scotia, the Sault Ste. Marie Museum. To learn more you can log on to Ranville’s web site at:http://www.mythandmystery.com/oakisland/eerie_radio_episode_14.htm
Correspondence with Keith Ranville during December, 2006
Canadian First Nations
Keith Ranville

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Donald Trump U.S President Strange But True!

Well there goes the neighborhood President Elect Donald Trump! a reality show  jumps the curb into real life events #OakIsland News

Manipulator Donald Trump must of been secretly watching the oak island money pit shenanigans for the last decade and he applied that to his run for presidency to win u.s president.

…Keith Ranville



#SunGod Lives in hearts & Minds Daily

#SunGod is much mightier than any man made religion the sun has been worshiped for eons of civilizations before us why-change now?  #OakIsland News

I believe the sun is much more than a ball of gases that shows up daily it gives us life and to all that we depend on to keep us alive.

Cree First Nations Shaman,

Keith Ranville


UFO Debris Leaving the Moon?


Interesting Lunar Moon Anomalies.

Keith Ranville



BC Transit Translink Skytrains Noise Cancellation Idea?

Is it possible for translink skytrains to be a more quieter & enjoyable commute technology suggests so noise cancellation devices [#OakIsland News]

installed in each skytrain it may solve the already uncomfortable noisy skytrain ride especially in through the skytrain tunnels.

I believe that the translink skytrain ride can be a quieter ride by using today’s technology like maybe translink  can try to install sound cancellation devices to there skytrains.


Keith Ranville


BCLDB Signature Liquor Stores Cold Zone My Idea!

B.C Government Liquor Distribution Stores are housing there establishments with cold zone fridges its my idea august 1st 2009 I sent #BCLDB a proposal #OakIsland News

I think I Keith Ranville deserves some sort of credit for b.c signature liquors stores having cold beer in there stores.

Well here’s my proposal letter I sent to bcldb about 7 years ago august 1st 2009 the letter proposal is in the following..


August 1, 2009


Greetings Senior Store Manager

My name is Mr. Keith Ranville I was in visit to your New Westminster Liquor store establishment saturday afternoon and I had a idea that may influence marketing in the “Green” sector campaign that’s in b.c liquor stores? This idea may be good for you (liquor stores).

Here is my innovating Idea; when I entered your establishment I notice the air-conditioning was on high, don’t get me wrong I was relieved from the outside hot weather. But the cost of running air-conditioning is quite expensive my “green” pitch is not to save on air-conditioning but to apply a second use application to it? Like running the air-conditioning through a beverage wall fridge then venting the wall fridge air throughout the liquor store as a cooling system. This idea is more practicably that would comfort the customer and increase beverage sales and still cool the environment in your liquor store branch(s).

Please forward my idea to who markets the B.C Liquor Stores, also please give me a response to this letter of a marketing idea regardless of any decision made in this potential inspiring procurement. (Note) this idea is not only directed to liquor stores.



Keith Ranville,


Jupiter Aurora Much Larger Than Earth’s!

Auroras on Jupiters pole the sun is emitting more energy than what I even expected an earth dwarfs Jupiter by hundreds of times. #OakIsland News

earths atmosphere is obviously protecting our aurora from going awry like jupiters zinging aurora.. jupiter must of gotten a direct hit from a sun solar flare its all that I can say.. a one that could of wreaked havoc on earth if earth got hit by one.

First Nations

Keith Ranville



No Natives please Kijiji Ad

Kijiji recently pulled a racy apartment rental ad in prince albert sask. canada “3 bedroom east flat house, no natives please.” I’m offended to this kind of ignorance’s but as a first nations native man I am not surprised to hear this kind of racism news either.  I myself get followed around by government liquor stores or other stores by there security guard employees quiet frequently cause I’m aboriginal of course but as a smarty pants clever native myself I let them follow me around cause what they don’t know is that the real boosters are white people and they use natives as decoys for them to shoplift the stores goods. News Canada

Also I am highly perceptive that’s why that “I am in the amazing business” as a native treasure hunter.

APTN News; Related Story  http://aptn.ca/news/2014/12/01/saskatoon-landlord-tells-first-nations-woman-kill-applying-apartment/

Speaking of following me you can always be welcome to follow me on twitter and facebook or bookmark me blog…

BTW, whoever heard of a native treasure hunter, anyone?

Cree Code Breaker, First Nations

Keith Ranville



Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Black Man in Office 2016

1985 would you think U.S politics would be like a woman and a insulting archie bunker like bigot character running for office and a black man already president “Back to the future” movie scenarios this Hillary clinton donald trump political circus well kind of anyways lol.

when doc asks mcfly in the 1950s who is the u.s president in 1985 mcfly reply’s ronald reagan is president.. doc replies; ha then who’s the vice president jerry lewis! ..

First Nations  Thoughts

Keith Ranville




Oak Island Treasure Knowledge Code


What is afraid to tell you about all oak island treasure hunters is the key to solving the oak island money pit is a haunting skullstone. #OakIsland News


Here’s what I know is that a well publicized photo that was issued in a book called oak island secrets which was authored by mark finnan is he a freeemason? perhaps! well he refers to freemasonary symbolism’s in his narrations in his book oak island secrets. Now in the book called “Oak Island Secrets” I referred, the photo [above] as in the book was a stone with plain dagger markings on it  lying plush to the ground as described in his book,

but however over night while I was in nova scotia 2005 doing a in-depth study on the oak island treasure mystery. Guess what that photo and its image illustrated in that book changed  over night even the grass that surrounded it shipshaped because I traced that stones dagger markings ect with a pencil the evening before and they did not align in the morning .I investigated the matter further and this oak island code became more relevant to me the intriguing bread crumbs began again.

There is something about that n.s treasure island and area that can alter time and dimensions only I can retrieve the money pit treasure.

First Nations Leading Oak Island Treasure Hunter.

Keith Ranville