50 % Of First Nations Natives Don’t Graduate High-School?

50% first nations education

Maybe that’s why my grammar sucks, many first nations kids have no interest in government education could rez poverty be the culprit & culture shock ?

Whats going to happen when this 50% of baby boomers that never graduated secondary schools for first nations native Indians in Canada? Maybe the Canadian government should be educated better on this matter?  Canada’s Foreign Aid Spending. Canada’s foreign aid spending totaled CAD$ 5.67 billion in 2012.. per year wow we gave this much away, but wait a minute canada has a crisis that will in time affect our economy and Ottawa is only to provide funding for core education for first nations indians, which includes language and cultural instruction, of $1.25 billion over three years starting in –> 2016. then there is a provision for a 4.5 per cent annual increase. Another $500 million over seven years is to go toward infrastructure and $160 million over four years is set aside for implementation.

This first nations education problem should of been dealt with many years ago cause things could of been more different right now in a positive way  for Canadians..  and as for the billions in foreign aid that canada gives away, if Canada would give internal aid to its own to prevent crisis then we as a investment to our own we then would be able to give more to other countries and to ourselves.. down the road. Cause we can’t keep on giving to other countries if we are falling apart at our core as a country. 😉

First Nations Researcher

Keith Ranville