August 22, 2005 a duel solar flare emitted out of the sun sending a vancouver airplane crash message to earth News.

A seven year study surrounding a near mid summer 2005 sun solar event, new research has came up with a answer to things to come like for one a airplane crash to happen in vancouver b.c canada this will be a trigger effect. As I can remember back in the summer of 2005 the sun seemed to flicker and this was in fact a double sun solar flare as I later discovered, during this time of the this summer time duel solar sun flare event that I experienced it gave off a visual message of a airplane crashing into vancouver b.c .

And on b.c global news last night it said or a hopital staff member on there camera explained hospitals like the new westminster royal columbia hospital is not equipped to deal with a airplane crash disaster if one happened.

The irony of this whole sun solar thing is that I moved into the downtown vancouver epic center to the sort of area were this whole airplane crash is supposed to take place or go down, but as of the first of this new year I moved into subsidized housing? cause blogging don’t pay nothing, I may have fore saw my own demise 7 years ago? like La Bamba Ritchie Valens he apparently he predicted his own death?  I suspect the sun’s prediction of disaster will happen on around a august 22nd date or during a solar flare event ? I guess I’ll have to bet my life on it? like the Oklahoma bombing the BATF employees to stay home for the day when terror went down there, maybe people can stay out of vancouver b.c during a summer week of august. you been warned The ranville effect

What a adventurous life I lead

– Keith Ranville