Diquis Delta,  Costa Rica sphere stone balls a natural phenomena or secret to how planets are formed? Moon; maybe a example to how these mysterious round balls are made, after-all the moon is said to have been formed from the earth it to is a sphere shape? So’ why isn’t the moon tear or oblong shape? cause a anomaly effect took place in the formation of the moon most likely? Therefore I believe these round spheres found in costa rica and perhaps in bosnia to are natural creations ‘something’ that we do not fully understand yet, most likely these stone spheres are related to in how planets are formed.

Theory: These costa rica mysterious stones I theorize that they expanded and then they gradually shrank like a red giant into a round spheres at one time?

Round ball sphere anomalies in the skies over  Nuremberg Germany 1561?

Mayan King Pacal may have had known this about these costa rica stone spheres? cause he held a jade cube and a jade ‘sphere’ one in each hand when he was found face masked in jade in a burial tomb.

Native Researcher

Keith Ranville