Grail earth mission to moon expedition nasa,  real life 1970’s space 1999 moon science fiction space station in the works? Hi  Tech Noah’s Ark – satellites called Grail 1 & 2 religious relic names? Man’s Quest Back to The Stars Begins this month.

Lunar Space News

It appears the two earth to moon grail satellites are triangulating the moons position to detect its gravity leverage? Nasa is maybe searching for the best area to build a moon space station?

Possibly there is already a old ancient underground civilization there already and it just needs some exploring to do by using satellites first then a man or robotic exploration[s]. Man’s next frontier will be the moon similar to space 1999 but it will be done in the near distant future why do you think nasa is measuring the moons gravity its because they plan to put or rebuild off a existing space station on the moon.


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