Manitoba lodge-owners there BAD for racist First Nations Remarks

This world just don’t get it first nations stereotyping is a stigma that white people have labeled native indians badly in many areas of todays society from in the past. Manitoba Cree Native Guide News

I am the best treasure hunter ever Cree First Nations Keith Ranville an all the racism in the world can’t change that. Nova Scota, Oak Island – Vancouver B.C, Canada News – Youtube Legend of the Falls, Brad Pitt said 4 Beers

 News btw CBC they are racy themselves

Manitoba lodge-owners under fire for racist First Nations description

Chief Dumas wrote a letter to Laurie River Lodge owners Brent and Erin Fleck titled “Racist and Discriminatory Content in your Promotional Brochure.”

“We take great care when hiring our staff; however the subject of Native Guides must be touched upon,” the brochure reads. “We use Cree Indian guides from the town of Pukatawag[a]n in northern Manitoba. They are wonderful people and fun to fish with however, like all Native North Americans, they have a basic intolerance for alcohol. Please do not give my guides alcohol under any circumstances. This is rarely a problem and by telling you in advance I hope to avoid it altogether.”

1. All Native Americans are alcoholics. Look at the research study

One of the stereotypes ascribed most commonly to Native Americans is that they are all alcoholics.

This is simply untrue.

According to a study published by the National Institute On Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism (NIAAA), white people — specifically, white men — are more likely than any other demographic group to drink alcohol on a daily basis, start drinking at a younger age, and drive while under the influence of alcohol.

Furthermore, this same study acknowledges that the alcoholism that does exist within Native American culture is linked to the culture’s history of economic disadvantages and racial discrimination.

In other words, those that do suffer from alcoholism within the Native community may be trapped in a cycle of oppression and hardship that’s difficult to break free from.