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NEWS-Hitler spear of destiny OCCULT SS HQ WEWELSBURG layout not a spear but a treasure map.


Something is in motion and the hq in  Himmler’s plans included making it the “center of the new world” in the new world as well?

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Keith Ranville


Source: http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/12946/

(“Zentrum der neuen Welt”) following the “final victory”. The monumental estate was never realized only detailed plans and models exist. The installation of a 15 to 18-meter-high wall in the shape of a three-quarter circle with 18 towers including the actual castle area centred on the North Tower of the castle, 860 m in diameter, was planned. The real purpose of the project was never clearly defined. Inside of this castle area buildings were planned for the exclusive purposes of the Reichsführung-SS (Reich leadership SS). The main road of an SS village was also to be centered on the North Tower of the castle with a diameter of 1270 m. This road was to be connected with three radial roads and gates with the castle area. The residential area was to be placed in the north-west, the center of the village in the north and the SS-barracks in the west of the castle area; between the barracks and village a villa colony for higher SS-leaders; in the southwest farmsteads. In the architectural plans from 1941 the estate had the shape of a spear pointing towards the north; the 2 km long access avenue with four tree rows road looks like a spear shaft with an access to the Reichsautobahn (freeway) Rhynern-Kassel in the south.  read more at