Technology is Alien Inventions given through Telepathy

Like I believed humans aren’t that advanced to create the technology that we have today it was given to us by aliens by telepathy. #OakIsland News

Scientist Boyd Bushman from area 51 gives information that extraterrestrials do communicate telepathically with humans.  Youtube Details.


Keith Ranville


If people say that they never experienced phenomenon or strange going ons on oak island in nova scotia there probably lying

Death is like a vacuum in many haunted places like oak island cross over to its other-side and you’ll learn the secrets the oak island money pit. Someone would have to die and come back to life to find the oak islands money pits treasure this would be the seventh man to die? fyi these days people do come back to life after a death experience with using modern life savings procedures! #oakisland The oak island spirits explained to me that a man with a fucked up eye and missing hand that uses a hook for a prosthesis who roams the island and he adopted a dog who fell in deep hole on oak island before. The oak island skull is a story stone it provided me with oak island secrets – Oak Islands Best Treasure Hunter Ever. Keith Ranville