Pirate Island symbol cipher

History Channel 2 pirate island treasure island diamond line scribed markings works out to be platform 1 & 2, It’ll be two levels below.

‘Pirate Island’ Premieres Nov. 20 on H2 Channel

Excerpt – Pirate Island Info

“Haven, graveyard, legend and lore. History was made and lies buried on Pirate Island – the coral ringed Isle Saint Marie off the coast of Madagascar that sheltered the world’s most ruthless 18th century pirates. This real Treasure Island was home for pirates like Captain Kidd, who continue to capture our modern day imagination, and sailed from this very real place in history. This two-hour special voyages with underwater explorer Barry Clifford as he dives for treasure on sunken pirate ships and reveals secrets on land of hidden pirate tunnels, forbidden graveyards and mysterious symbols. Interlaced with reenactments of the pirates’ lives and exploits in the busy shipping lanes of the Indian Ocean, Pirate Island offers a wealth of modern-day adventure.”

Cree Code Breaker / Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville