Space harpoon plan to nail orbital garbage Ideas

For many past civilizations people remained advanced technology free for reasons such as abuse of technology in relation to land, water, now space – our final frontier.

Space junk cleansing idea’s are revolving around the best of minds these days to help remove the embarrassing ignorances or man that can be seen from outer-space and beyond. I guess we’re all like procrastinating teenagers like in how they ignore there parents [example] when teenagers or kids always get scolded to clean there room but they seldomly do!        CNN News Link

The laws that punish people that pollute our planet are simple fines? an idea that should be thought of right now is implement stiffer penalties to companies that break pollution laws other than just only handing them down monetary fines: companies and corporations alike that are found guilty of polluting earths environment should be sentenced to clean up there pollution mess and also given a 2 to 5 or 10 year sentence to clean up other past pollutive messes as a punishment to them, this will significantly help to detour polluters. Let’s put together some good realistic preventable measure rules for polluters, we have nuclear weapons reduction laws for countries why can’t we likewise have laws for pollution to?



Keith Ranville