Mayan prophecy stone explains; sun will have a duel mega solar flare with a ufo flowing out of the largest solar flare – Keith Ranville

The last duel solar flare was in the summer of 2005 I personally witnessed it myself now could this be the solar flare the mexican mayan stone reads to me or is there a much larger set of solar flares on its way?

Because it is obvious that there are already ufo’s looming around the sun already according to nasa satellite solar footage and now recently to ancient maya depiction art. So the summer 2005 rare duel solar could be for the ufo’s that are already spotted around the sun by the nasa photo footages?


The sun is a stargate bridge in my opinion we are in astonishing times and also can we be on the verge of a all out ufo alien invasion cause according to nasa footages the ufo anomalies are earth sizes? and is there a grand daddy mothership ufo on its way? to earth via through the sun’s stargate? It sounds like a work of science-fiction, but by the looks of things this ufo sun thing seems to be the situation for us? [2012]

Researcher / Shaman

keith Ranville