The oak island curse ever wonder why I am the leading oak island treasure hunter because people have no idea what they are dealing with, in search-of whats hidden here on oak island, VI clues to treasure ? As shown in illustration .

arrow marks the spot oak island

Do you see the arrow on the parchment that I pointed out from it.. we got ourselves a treasure map as illusive as it may seem I never took this picture but then again I am not the one holding out on the clues to the oak island money pit treasure hunt. My research is widely available on this blog for your knowings. 🙂

The Worlds Greatest Treasure Hunter

For to my fellow Canadians you can maybe watch the oak island curse here if its not ridiculously blocked out to our right to watch it ,the history channel works in weird ways to not air a show that was filmed here in canada, you would think that we would have the exclusive rights to view the program first?  Direct link here to also