If indeed that crop circles are not hoaxed, then I would believe that they are designed from this land animal formation phenomena that I hypothesized?  

Youtube News is it real crop circles national geographic explorer – 2005

Over the recent years I have been researching unique land formations and unique stones that are in shape or are depicted in shapes of mammal, geometric patterns? like in vancouver, british columbia there is a park called stanley park and its land mass is in shape of a seahorse head?

Oak Island Skull stone

[If crop circles are not man-made]

I really don’t think some these mysterious crop circles are made by alien extraterrestrial ufo’s but by the earths life forces its self? Well if the earth can make large mileage land formation in animal designs, then I would suspect if the earth is giving some farmers crops a crew cut in a form of a message it would be the least of its tasking ability?

Birch Islands Mysterious Geometric Pattern, Mahone Bay, Nova Scota

The grand architect of the universe is maybe communicating to a advance race in geometric patterns through earths surface? Like how the earth is communicating to me in animal form, and for me to pass these intriguing landscaping animal patterns information to us for whatever reason only anoints me.

If anything to understand about these ongoing estrange crop circle patterns then you would need to know who they’re meant for and who is  actually designing em’.

First Nations Native Researcher

Keith Ranville