Last friday night I was frustrated in learning about corporations~bureaucrats & Antineoplastons cancer drug denials cause of profit & greed.

Michael Moore supports Occupy Movement

Recently in america a uprising in u.s cities has been taking shape in concerns of corporate greed relating to how bureaucrats strings are being pulled by big wig corporations this interesting anti-greed movement is moving to canada as well in fact there is a peaceful social economic and political change [occupy Vancouver] gathering expected to happen in vancouver b.c, canada on saturday october 15th 2011 at vancouvers downtown art gallery. If you care about this dr. burzynsky cancer cure that the american & canadian corporations or bureaucrats are trying to stifle to a cure that can save perhaps billions of lives world wide I then would suggest that you attend this political movement that’s taking flight world wide and wage a peaceful voice or your concerns and presences in this ever so growing solidarity.

Look I am not a protester but I may visit this protest in curiosity,


First Nations

Keith Ranville

Corporate greed, corruption, and the coming collapse of America as we know it