Vela incident September 22, 1979 is most likely a atmospheric mega sprite simultaneously imploding sizable meteorites causing a sonic boom boom over-india ocean.

To day while I was watching william shatner’s weird or what it was said a typhoon was in the indian ocean at the time back in 1979 when the vela incident occurred? this would be sprite weather and to let you know sprites weren’t known until the very late 1980’s? so back in 1979 around ten years earlier the american spy sattilites would of most likely interpret this September 22, 1979. indian ocean light explosions as the sprite atmosphere phenomena it was probably larger than normal sprites or meteor debri bombarding these sprites causing sonic booms that was also reported in the indian ocean back in 1979? I doubt it was nuclear testing as some believe, it was mysterious weather phenomena perhaps as I just said’ like the st elmo’s fire phenomena.  FYI

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World consensus states earth’s population is a 7 billion people, crisis government rebellions breaking out globally like a flu pandemic Georgia guide stones its the finale trumpet & tells we-exceeded the aloud-worlds population already.    

The georgia guide stones dimensions works out as a harp as I decoded as its saying beyond a certain population amount the world will fall out of harmony like it is already is doing ,

if you look at what we are now seeing with the western world that people are occupying the inner cities, world civilization is being tested ‘folks’ power, greed, corruption, shady politics was perhaps the reason of the demised fall of many past ancient civilizations I would imagine, and now we are seeing it now we need solutions not violence to solve problems.

Purification Hopi prophecy near’d

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Ex-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak trial put on hold cause of america occupy unrest protestors being-brutalized, u.s law enforcement resorts to violence to-breakup occupy protestor groups. [News Conspiracy]

Hosni Mubarak is on trial for what america’s government is now doing to occupy demonstrators like laying beatings, shooting projectiles, tear gassing, arresting & detaining peaceful occupy protestors.

‘Hypocrisy’ hosni mubarack defense will be he was only doing what the u.s government is doing to his own citizens that are uprising its taking america to inflict violence to civil protestors to restore order in the streets of america?  

The lessor of two evils – or visa versa

Are we seeing a breakdown in society, I believe so, when america went to war on these middle eastern countries using corruption instaggations allegations [over oil] what they did they actually went to war on themselves cause they to are full of corruptions themselves. youtube hypocrisy news film above will explain what i am saying. Shame on you america and other countries that are harming and taking away there rights of peaceful occupy demonstrators.      Its every bodies right to protest to whats right or fair for themselves.

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